Paul (“Skink” 2010) was hiking from Georgia to Maine. Lee was meeting him along the way to provide resupply and watch him eat like the thru-hiker he was. We stayed at Hikers Inn (with the original owner Suzanne) and the next thing we knew we were in Damascus to stay. Consider this your warning.

This is a town where you can abandon your car for days at a time. There are bikes to ride, hikes to hike, and trails to run. Not to mention the people you will talk to along the way - those born and raised here, the past hikers who came back or never left, and artisans and musicians throughout the area.

So, wander from one trestle on Beaverdam Creek to the next trestle over Laurel Creek - and don’t forget to walk down by the old dam with the resident ducks, geese, and occasional beaver. Along the way stroll by the post office and the library, have a bite to eat, and linger at the local shops. Don’t forget to gaze up at the hills that surround us and the herons and barn swallows flying over at dusk.

Please take a moment to look at our gallery and take a tour of the house, hostel, and grounds. We look forward to your visit.

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